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From a small business to representing the Spanish retail giant, Inditex.

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Who we are

Bigbon Group knows its origins to the early 1950s, when entrepreneur Carmelo Gauci traded in materials and fabrics as a hawker. His business success encouraged him to open his first retail shop in 1955 in Birkirkara and to enter the wholesale business. Gradually, Carmelo Gauci’s sons joined the business and continued to develop the group’s growing retail, wholesale and eventually manufacturing businesses. Today, Bigbon Group is owned by Bernard and Mario Gauci.

On the Maltese Islands, Bigbon Group represents the Spanish retail giant, Inditex Group. The brands currently managed by Bigbon Group are Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho and Massimo Dutti.

Our Story

Our Story

Our Values


Be humble be real


Empowered to be better


Inclusivity and involvement makes us stronger


Bringing ideas together


Driven to excel


Efficiency is key

Our Team

At Bigbon you’ll find yourself immersed in a demanding environment with a strong drive to excel at what you do. We strongly believe that the success of the company depends on the involvement of each team member and and their initiative. We understand the importance of acquiring and retaining talent, which is why Training and Development are a core part of the company’s culture. There is always room for improvement and the right attitude and energy will not only drive growth but also create a strong environment which is essential for the company to thrive and overcome challenges in a dynamic industry.

The company is committed to ensure excellent working conditions. The remuneration structures at Bigbon Group are directly linked to performance in order to drive employees towards ongoing personal growth and to effectively contribute to the success of the company. Furthermore, Bigbon Group is committed to be compliant with all health and safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of its employees. Join us and be part of Bigbon Group’s story. Discover and share humbleness, passion, diversity, collaboration, and quality.

Our Stores

Our stores are located in the best shopping spots on the island. Complementing a warm and welcoming space, our teams are always committed to deliver the best experience to our customers. Our shop teams are always evolving with the fast fashion environment by constantly staying abreast of the latest trends. This ensures that our customers receive the best and most relevant advice possible.

Our Shop Teams

Shop Manager

The Shop Manager is fully responsible for the shop. They manage and lead the rest of the shop team, overseeing all processes and procedures, as well as managing the products and the shop sales.

Second Manager

Assists in the management of the store and steps in for the manager when needed.

Visual Merchandiser

They are responsible for the store’s image, following the criteria established by the Brands designed to highlight each collection and make it commercially attractive. In this sense, they plan the collections around the shop.


Their responsibility is to manage all the till processes.

Fashion Advisor

The customers’ principal point of contact. They advise and recommend the products that best meet customers’ needs and are also responsible for communicating the brands’ concept and image.

7 Stores

New Products
Twice per week

74% of our People
work in the stores

Our Shop Teams

What is the Bigbon Rewards scheme?2022-11-05T11:58:05+01:00

The Bigbon Rewards scheme awards customers with points when purchasing from our brands (both in store and online). Points are converted into Bigbon vouchers which can be redeemed in any of our stores.

Which brands are part of this reward scheme?2022-11-05T11:58:42+01:00

Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho & Massimo Dutti are all part of this reward scheme.

How can I download the Bigbon Rewards App?2022-11-05T11:59:09+01:00

The Bigbon Rewards App can be download from the App Store or Google Play (depending on your device).

Where can I register for the rewards scheme?2023-01-11T16:55:15+01:00

You can register for the rewards scheme through the Bigbon Rewards app.

How do I earn points?2022-12-03T13:24:47+01:00

In-store and online receipts can both be converted into points. For in-store purchases, either scan the receipt’s QR code or manually input ticket number and choose the store from which the purchase was made. For online purchases, input order number upon delivery of package. Points will show on your account within 24 – 48 hours! For every €1 spent you will be awarded 10 points!

How can I redeem points?2022-12-03T13:25:19+01:00

With each 5000 points earned, you will be rewarded with a €40 voucher. This will then be transferred to your wallet on the Bigbon app and can be redeemed at any of our stores with no expiry date!

Do I earn points on items bought on promotion?2022-11-05T12:01:17+01:00

Yes, you can earn point on items that are bought on promotion.

What happens when items are returned?2022-12-03T13:25:53+01:00

When a return is processed, points earned on that item will be deducted from your account.

Can I transfer points to another account?2022-11-05T12:01:59+01:00

No, you can’t transfer points to another account.

How can I recover my password?2022-12-05T18:41:51+01:00

To recover your password, click on ‘Forgot Password’ through the app and enter your registered email address. A link will be sent to recover password.

From where can I buy vouchers?2023-01-11T16:58:17+01:00

You can either buy a voucher online at www.bigbon.com.mt/vouchers or from of our stores.

For how long is a voucher valid?2022-11-30T18:54:10+01:00

The Bigbon Vouchers do not expire.

How can I transfer a physical voucher into my Bigbon wallet?2022-11-09T20:48:15+01:00

To transfer a physical voucher into a digital one, you’ll have to scan the QR code on the Bigbon Rewards app and you’ll be able to find the voucher in your wallet.

Where can I redeem a voucher?2022-11-09T20:48:36+01:00

A voucher can be redeemed in store at Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho & Massimo Dutti.

Can I redeem a voucher in different stores?2022-12-03T13:34:13+01:00

A physical voucher has to be redeemed in one receipt, however a digital voucher can be broken down into values of more than €1 and used on different receipts.

Where can I find the Bigbon Rewards Terms & Conditions?2022-12-30T13:43:16+01:00

To view the full list of the Bigbon Rewards Terms & Conditions, kindly visit here.

Where can I find the Bigbon Vouchers Terms & Conditions?2023-02-20T09:26:04+01:00

To view the full list of the Bigbon Vouchers Terms & Conditions, kindly visit here.

7 Stores

New Products
Twice per week

74% of our People
work in the stores

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