Together with our principals at Inditex, we at Bigbon Group are committed to transform our business into an eco-friendly operation. The pressures on our planet’s limited natural resources and the challenges that arise from climate change require prompt and effective action from us all. Together with Inditex, Bigbon Group is taking wide-ranging measures to protect biodiversity, reduce our consumption of water, energy and other resources, avoid waste, and combat climate change. The textile industry places huge demands on water resources. Our ongoing quest for innovation enables us to be greener and more efficient.

Our Commitment

Climate Change and Energy, we look at every aspect of our value chain to reduce our energy consumption. Eco-efficiency is a primary consideration when we design, upgrade and maintain our shops. We are rapidly upgrading and renovating our existing shops to comply with these efficiency targets:

20% more energy-efficient and 40% less water consumption.


Committed to grow our

Green to Pack Programme

Currently, the company is recycling or reusing 88% of its waste. It will continue to introduce collection and recycling systems for all the materials used in its package distribution and hanged garment operations (mainly FSC-certified cardboard boxes, recycled and recyclable plastic, alarms and hangers) for reuse within the supply chain itself or for recycling under the so-called Green to Pack programme.


Committed to expand our

Clothing Collection Programme

‘In 2021, Bigbon Group installed containers in all of our shops for collecting used clothing for subsequent charitable purposes, reuse or recycling. The Clothing Collection programme is one of the cornerstones and targets for our circular economy effort.


Committed to impactful targets

Join Life Label

‘In 2020, 38% of units featured under the Join Life environmental excellence label By 2023, all single-use plastics will have been totally eliminated from customer sales. By 2025, 100% of the cotton, linen and polyester used by all eight of its brands will be organic, sustainable or recycled.

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