When it comes to gifts, fashion is always a delightful winner! Hunting for the perfect gift can be nerve-wracking so we’ve pulled together a few popular and versatile gifts for 2023 which you can pick with ease from our 5 shops, namely Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho and Massimo Dutti… from accessories to footwear and from comfy lounge wear to classic coats we’ve got you covered… from parents to friends to secret santa pleasures we’ve rounded up a comprehensive gift guide to help inspire you with presents to suit all styles!

Bershka: Trendy Gifts

Help your loved ones define their style with the most up and coming accessories this season has to offer…. From black studded bags to cascade cross hoop earrings and from faux fur bucket hats to checked scarfs, the list is endless. Bershka is also the perfect choice for stocking fillers including iphone cases with charms, unique stationery items, hair accessories, socks, beanies, sunglasses and other BSKteen tidbits.

Pull&Bear: Casual Cool Gifting

If in search of an unusual gift for boyfriends, brothers, dads or teens head down to Pull&Bear and check out the latest licensed STWD trend. The shop is teeming with hoodies ranging from Metallica to Michelangelo and from Rick&Morty Christmas jumpers to Van Gogh T-shirts. For your female friends why not explore Pull&Bear’s new party line including shimmer asymmetric tops, long colourful bead earrings and long flowing trousers.

Stradivarius: Chic Presents

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to gift hunting at Stradivarius….apart from the STR Teen collection, casual sports wear and party wear Stradivarius has a new range of affordable perfumes, body mists and eau de toilette packs. You can also check out the iconic Stradivarius handbags ranging from ‘faux’ leather, messenger and clutch bags, shoulder and maxi bags and handy backpacks. Last but not least, if you’re looking for some glam gifts we suggest you explore the Stradivarius jewellery collection including thin butterfly rings, rhinestone necklaces and satin floral chokers.

Oysho: Cosy Comfort Gifts and Sportswear

If you’re looking for sports related gifts or luxury loungewear Oysho is your one-stop shop. Take a look at the Weekend collection, water-repellent padded jackets for your adventurous loved-ones and sports wear for your active pals.

Massimo Dutti: Timeless and Refined Gifts

For gifts of premium quality, tailored outerwear and polished winter items head over to Massimo Dutti. The brand specialises in cashmere, fine fabrics and materials while retaining a classic and timeless style. If you’re looking for a gift with a touch of flair you’ll be sure to find some exclusive pieces which will delight your loved ones.

Bigbon Vouchers: The alternative gift for fashion lovers

With all this said, should you prefer to resort to the ‘gift of choice’ you can easily purchase a Bigbon Voucher from the comfort of your home. Vouchers can be purchased online via bigbon.com.mt/vouchers

Finally, we wish you a fruitful shopping experience and we invite you view our latest Christmas video  for an insight to our Christmas shopping pointers and inspiration.

Wishing you much love and joy over the festive season!

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